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Saltwater, oil released near Alexander

A release has been reported five miles north of Alexander, ND in McKenzie County. The North Dakota Oil and Gas Division reported today that four barrels of oil and 317 barrels of saltwater were spilled at a Whiting Oil and Gas well. The release has been contained at the Taylor 14-7H central tank battery. The incident was the result of a frozen valve. One-half barrel of oil and 37 barrels of saltwater have not been recovered from the incident. A state inspector will monitor further cleanup of the site.

Last autumn, a farmer discovered a spill that was the result of a leak from a Tesoro pipeline. The spill, which released over 20,000 barrels of oil in a field near Tioga, is considered the worst in state history. Only 6,000 barrels have been recovered since the spill. The cost to clean up the site is now estimated at $20 million dollars.

In related news, Statoil well spills saltwater in Mountrail County.

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