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The company logo of Halliburton oilfield services corporate offices is seen in Houston, Texas April 6, 2012. REUTERS/Richard Carson

Breaking: Halliburton to purchase Baker Hughes

Dow Jones reported today that Halliburton may buy Baker Hughes. The companies are two of the largest oil field service companies in the world. Prior to the announcement it has been stated that Baker Hughes is worth around $22 billion dollars. Halliburton has an estimated worth of $47 billion.  Both companies currently have declined to comment on the acquisition.

If the two companies combine it would create a drilling conglomerate worth an estimated $67 billion. Baker Hughes employs 61,000 people. Halliburton employs 80,000. Schlumberger, the industry’s current leader, is worth $125 billion.

This rumor comes on the tails of a ‘oil price panic’ due to rapidly dropping oil prices. Most industry leaders are not only banking on prices going back up, but they are assuring investors and journalists alike that they will. This merger would be one of the largest in recent energy industry history.


  1. Halliburton will be there name. Every time they buy something they call it Halliburton. When they should of left Baroid alone

  2. Noooo now I’m going to die. It will be called spillaburton or killaburton

  3. It will be Halliburton it will not change

  4. Except then they would have a monopoly and it would be illegal. Then again Baker Hughes destroyed what we at BJ Services built. They destroyed the entire pressure pumping division. Halliburton also owns money from BJ Services time…GE WILL be buying them. That’s been in talks for quite awhile

  5. Dick Cheney and the war profiteers?

  6. Drive the lefties crazy… DICK CHENEY oilfield services

  7. Hallabaker..they can sell mini donuts and tiny little cakes too 🙂

  8. To avoid the monopoly there has to be more than two top dogs. Get it now? It used to be shl..halliburton…bjs. Baker bought BJS… if halliburton buys baker that leaves two.

  9. Schlumburger would still be twice the size even if these two companies merge based on market cap. How is that a monopoly.

  10. Speaking of Dick Cheney…goggle him – then & now.

  11. Baker pays better than bush. Why would pll a low that ?

  12. Exactly. There still has to by law be two below.

  13. I don’t have a clue what Weatherford does lol.

  14. Blue and red that makes purple.

  15. Halliburton will insist on their branding. May take a while but that is what they will do.

  16. Jason Poppenhagen, it should be named PoppenBurton

  17. CH2 is selling its Alaska oil stuff too

  18. I hope we don’t acquire them. I hate their equipment and honestly their people are extremely lazy.

  19. Halliburton is just as bad on locations and used to get kicked off them regularly

    • Baker doesn’t get kicked off locations because no one lets them on locations anymore.

      I’ll add this. Halliburton always pays me correctly and on time which is more than I can say about Baker Hughes.

  20. Really even after killing a guy today?

  21. Michael Arnos, I’m sure the other side would say the same about Halliburton. Baker pays better.

  22. Carlos Oropeza, I’m withholding any comments on this stuff until I’m told I either have to wear red, or get handed a severance…..this posting is way misleading, makes it look like a done deal before you read that it’s not….yet….

    • Jason Poppenhagen I read on one of the sites where it’s a fast moving deal. Possibly as soon as next week. I’m hoping you’ll be named CFO or at least the MFIC.

    • Haha, right…my hope would be to keep my job! Yeah, sure Halli wasn’t keen on the spike on our stock today, I’m sure the story leak was less than ideal. We’ll just have to see what shakes out, hate to speculate, but it makes for good news fodder….

    • Same here with their Multi-Chem yard in Victoria having more bulk capacity than ours. Hope our Admins and Drivers wouldn’t be affected if this does happen. I’m only a couple of years from retirement so I’m not too worried either way for myself. I’m sure Halli will realize you are the Rocky Mountains and keep you.

  23. It will not make a monopoly and the government can’t stop it
    Ever heard of schlumberger, weather ford, frac tech etc….

  24. Lol you’re not talking to a green hat. Not only did I work for them…I heard what the hands didn’t. 😉

  25. The antitrust evaluation won’t be based on who is busy in the Bakken, they look way bigger picture, and in that discussion is where they’ll look at Schlum, Halliburton, BHI, Weathorford…..most other companies listed are the smaller ones who have both the most to lose and most to gain from a huge merger. A lot of speculation, maybe for nothing, maybe not….we’ll see.

  26. Destroying small business like Walmart does..
    They have the lowest wages too, like Walmart

  27. They can call it hallibortoin

  28. They will call it Halliburton, PERIOD.

  29. Garrett Hill ya we were actually talking about this last night. It would be insane if it actually happened.

  30. How about Blood Sucking Vampire Corporation

  31. Gabe House going back to Sperry. . Lol..

  32. Lol he may be if it gos through but we all know how the oil field gos don’t believe it till its there

  33. Hallihuges/ BakerBurton or just FrackOn!

  34. The oil n gas racket is all owned anyway….I know, lets argue r vs d!

  35. Bet they still wont pay there taxes

  36. dunno…but I can already see their ad campaign: “Got war?”

  37. I have a name for them if the Wana buy it ……….

  38. Halliburton will chew them up and destroy one the worst companies out in the patch. They deserve each other.

  39. Got to do what you need to support your family any more

  40. They had a guy killed out here in colo yesterday on a Fracing job

  41. There goes the Rates, Haliburtion has the cheapest freight rates!

  42. this will never happen without either one seriously divesting certain services like cement, downhole tools etc it would violate too many anti trust/conglomerate laws, merger talk of this magnitude is just that, talk, to raise prices on stocks

  43. Fidel Lopez is this legit?

  44. I’m hoping those at Baker will get to carry over to Halliburton or get a good severance package if this deal goes through. As far as the name, it will remain Halliburton

  45. They should call it Hell On Earth! Because this is where these jokers come from!

  46. Gotta have competition out there folks, never happen

  47. I will get down to the bottom of this

  48. Baker has 40% market in liners in baken.

  49. Shannon Imlay Smith are they?

    a Halliburton company

    That’s what they did with multi-chem and boots and coots

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