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Energy companies fill the gap in the oil industry

The shale formations in the U.S. have allowed the country to be the leading oil producer in the world, but with veterans retiring from the industry and new industry standards being set in place for oil and gas measurements and more, there are gaps that need to be filled. Luckily, energy software companies are taking on the task of filling the void.

Energy software companies, including the Houston-based Flow-Cal Inc., are stepping in and helping to fill the gap that has been created by the business boom and the decline in available talent.

Over the years, the industry has shifted its focus from natural gas to oil.  According to Mike Squyres, Flow-Cal President and CEO, the many companies have been using decades old liquid measurement systems, thanks to the veterans of the industry.  Squyres commented on the retiring industry grandfathers and what needs to happen next:

A lot of these guys grew up in the oilfield and ascended to offices. They are great at interpreting things by intuition and field experience … Going forward, we need to rely on boundaries and parameters based on software.

Few companies are still working with measurements printed on paper, like the “dark ages”, said Squyres.  The evolution of flow computers and more, will allow the energy sector to slowly move toward more industry-wide standards.  An example is the American Petroleum Institute, which partnered with Flow-Cal.

Other third-party software companies are also stepping in and helping fill the gap as more companies switch to using uniform API standards.  Squyres explained how software linked to uniform industry standards is only in its beginning stages for liquid hydrocarbons, but it has mostly happened already with natural gas.

There was a lot of distrust in the business when everyone did their own — if they were shading those numbers to their benefits … We are hoping to be the catalyst lightning rod, and it seems to be happening.

To read the full article regarding energy companies filling the gap in the oil industry by Jordan Blum of the Houston Business Journal, click here.

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