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Construction begins on Williston High School

After several years of part of its student body using portable classrooms due to a massive increase of enrollment, the new Williston High School broke ground on Wednesday. The project was approved for a $34 million bond in June, securing the $57 million high school’s construction. It is expected to be completed by the fall of 2016. Along with everything else in the Williston Basin, high school enrollment has increased rapidly since 2009. Over 40 percent more students attend school in Williston than 5 years ago. Enrollment is at around 3,500 students. Now infrastructure is necessary more than ever as many workers who came by themselves to work in the city are now ready to move their families there as well.

Watford City also recently began working on expanding its high school to 800 student. Construction on the building began 2 weeks ago. Check out these links to read more about the Williston or Watford City projects.


  1. Wow!!! My Class of 1960 was the first class to go through all three grades at the old high school when it was brand new. Time really does fly.

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