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New water pipeline agreement to benefit multiple Colorado cities

An agreement has been made between Denver Water and other water utilities in the city’s southern suburbs over a pipeline that will carry renewable surface water to the growing communities, according to the Denver Business Journal. The pipeline would reduce the reliance on shrinking groundwater sources.

The agreement is for the purchase of the Western Waterline ($34 million), which runs from a point near Smoky Hill Road and E-470 east and south to a point near University Boulevard, which is near a major Denver Water pipeline. The Western Waterline pipeline is a ten-year-old pipeline that extends for 20 miles and can carry up to 38 million gallons of water per day.

As part of the agreement, The South Metro water district becomes an 85 percent owner of the pipeline with Denver Water owning the remaining 15 percent. Denver Water paid $4,725,000 for its 15 percent stake.

Denver Water resource project manager Dave Bennett had this to say about the agreement:

“We found a way between Denver, the South Metro districts and East Cherry Creek to share the capacity of the pipeline, so it will now be used to deliver water to the south metro entities.”

East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District owns the pipeline.

Denver Water serves more than one million customers in the Denver area, including surrounding suburbs. Bennett says Denver Water will also be able to use the pipeline to capture water for reuse it in its systems.

“Instead of going out and building a new, duplicate pipeline, we found a way to share that existing infrastructure,” Bennett said.

The pipeline is instrumental to the Water Infrastructure and Supple Efficiency (WISE) partnership, which includes 10 southern water districts, Denver Water and Aurora Water. Under the WISE agreement, Denver Water and Aurora Water will sell an average of 7,250 acre-feet of water a year to south-metro water suppliers beginning in 2016 with the option to increase to 10,000 acre-feet in the future.

You can read the full story from the Denver Business Journal by clicking here.

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