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Stop tricking your wallet with energy bills and treat yourself this Halloween

This month is National Energy Action Month, and to celebrate Energyween, the Department of Energy is treating everyone to fun, safe, and quick ways to save energy and keep bills from tricking you out of money.

As the weather cools and the eerie cry of winter blows around the corner, many are finding their energy bills increasing and their bank accounts shrinking.  There are simple and quick ways to make sure you aren’t being sucked dry of by your energy copmany and paying a deadly price for it.

The first thing to do is to check all windows and make sure that there aren’t any leaks or cracks.  These are great ways for warm air to sneak out of the house and for cold air to send chills down your spine at night.  To fix any leaks, all you need to do it seal the window frame.  If there is a crack, the best thing to do is replace the window.

Another great way to save energy is by using energy-efficient light bulbs.  These will save you money and keep the vampires away for centuries.  By using traditional incandescent light bulbs, about 90% of the energy used just to have the bulb on is given off as heat.  By replacing 15 regular light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs, you can save around $50 a year, and you’ll never have to worry about a vampire lurking in the shadows.

A third way to keep warm and save money is lighting a fire and making sure your chimney isn’t left open for ghouls to creep in when you don’t have a fire.  If you aren’t using your fireplace, make sure to close the chimney flue or use an inflatable stopper. Either of these will help prevent leaks and temporarily seal your chimney.

Solar lighting is a great way to keep lurking creatures away from pathways.  It is easy to install and basically maintenance free, plus ZERO added costs to you energy bill.

A fourth quick -fix to keep your bill down and ghosts from creeping around the house- since they don’t like water- is installing low-flow water fixtures.  By having these fixtures you can save 25-30% on your bill.  But, before replacing your fixtures, make sure you check to see if you need them and make sure your water fixtures have an aerator to help restrict the flow of water.

Lastly, make sure phantom loads aren’t taking over your home.  These loads are appliances or items that draw energy when on standby mode.  Phantoms loads can cost, at average, a $100 a year.  Be sure to unplug any electronics or battery chargers when you’re not using them.

If you’re in need of more ways to save energy, visit the Department of Energy website.

The Department of Energy is also celebrating energy month with fun energy-themed pumpkin carving patterns.  If you want you can share your jack-o-lantern photos you can post them to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Instagram with the hashtag #Energyween.  You can also email your photos to newmeida@hq.doe.gov.  This week the department’s favorites will be shared.


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