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Minot police catch 10 men in prostitution sting

This past weekend, the Minot Police Department accomplished the biggest prostitution-related arrest in their history during an 8 ½ hour undercover operation.

According to a recent report from the Grand Forks Herald, Minot police arrested 10 men for solicitation of prostitution. The arrests came about when the men currently in custody answered two online ads that were posted by undercover officers.

The 10 offenders were arrested after arriving at Noble Inn in Minot, which cooperated with the operation. Minot Police Capt. Dan Strandberg stated that the officers on duty could have made even more arrests if there were more resources to apprehend and process the lawbreakers.

The police dept. hopes the recent arrests will discourage further acts associated with selling sex. Stranberg stated “It’s market-driven, it’s supply and demand, and if there is not a demand, then hopefully either won’t be a supply.”

The names were released of the 10 men in the Grand Forks Herald. The arrestees include:

  • Michael Angel Martinez
  • Dennis Matthew Nagel
  • Hector Hernandez
  • Salvador Jimenez
  • Francis Scott England
  • Tandre Terrell Stuckey
  • Jason Golden
  • Willie Kilpatrick Jr.

To read more about the undercover operation, be sure to check out the recent article by Amy Dalrymple, contributor to the Grand Forks Herald.


  1. The police are actually the ones assisting sex-trafficking. North Dakota does not know how to implement any laws. The police go after the most innocent people and the judges/prosecutor are horrible people. That state is so money-hungry, they don’t know when to stop harassing travelers. Harassing travelers with criminal charges is creating sex-trafficking by forcing displaced people (particularly women) to stay there if they are in a dangerous situations.

    People traveling through and getting charged with made-up crimes (when they have NEVER before had a criminal record or history of anything criminal) shows how that state is *creating* prostitutes, pimps, and assaults rather than stopping them. Can someone say “police state”? I prefer quality over quantity in regards to law enforcement and all the money thrown to solve these problems. The state and county just make money for every person that they charge, so-called “pimps” and “prostitutes”.

    The real whore is the state of North Dakota, sucking the land and everyone dry that dares so much as to drive through.

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