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Powder River Basin production increases with horizontal drilling

Zach Koppang | Shale Plays Media

The Powder River Basin is experiencing a surge in oil production thanks to the advent of horizontal drilling, according to a recent report by the Energy Information Administration.

The Power River Basin consists of over 43,000 square miles of land, and is located primarily in northeast Wyoming and southeast Montana but also extends into South Dakota and Nebraska. The increased activity is centered around the Turner, Parkman and Niobrara-Codell formations. Since 2009, the oil production in these areas has risen from 4,700 barrels per day (bbl/d) to 36,300 bbl/d in the first quarter of 2014. Other formations such as the Shannon, Sussex and Frontier have also seen a rise in production during the same time frame.

The increase in production is mainly attributed to the areas in Wyoming. Since 2009, there have been over 590 wells drilled and completed in the various formations that make up the Powder River Basin, with the majority of the activity centralized in the Wyoming counties of Converse and Campbell.

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