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Aruba Petroleum’s motion for new trial denied

Marissa Hall | Shale Plays Media

A Texas family is safe from another trial against Aruba Petroleum thanks to Judge Mark Greenberg.

Greenberg denied Aruba a new trial against the Parr family, who won a case against the company in June, earning them a $2.9 million settlement. The lawsuit was raised by the family after they became exposed to toxic air emissions produced by oil and gas wells surrounding their property.

According to an article by David Hasemyer for Inside Climate News, the company sought a new trial on the grounds that the first trial was improperly conducted:

In its motion for a new trial, Aruba contended the Parrs should have lost because they didn’t prove they were sickened by emissions from Aruba facilities caused; that the damage award was excessive, and that a juror should have been excluded from the jury because he had a misdemeanor criminal record.

However, Greenberg’s decision came in one sentence: “Aruba Petroleum’s motion for new trial is … denied.” However, Aruba has already made the move to bring the motion to the Texas Court of Appeal.

The Parr family took the decision as more verification that they had obviously been subjected an unhealthy level of emissions.

For all the details of the legal events, see Hasemyer’s full article: $2.9 million fracking verdict against Texas oil company survives another challenge

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