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The top 5 Bakken stories of the week

The Bakken area rig count: 192

Reported oil and saltwater spills: 2

1.  Oil conditioning hearing date set


The controversial Bakken crude volatility issue will be addressed by the North Dakota Industrial Commission on September 23rd at the Department of Mineral Resources’ office in Bismarck, ND. The hearing will explore oil transportation safety and whether or not companies should be required to condition their oil before they transport it in order to make it safer. Read more

2. The question of Bakken oil volatility must be settled

pump jack

Bakken.com contributor Rob Port’s weekly editorial dove into the crude safety issue this week as well. Port believes that before North Dakota officials take legislative steps in any direction it should be determined whether or not Bakken crude actually is more dangerous than other types.  Port stated, “We need to cut through the propaganda coming from both sides of the issue- from the industry flaks to the anti-fossil fuel extremists alike- to find a fair middle ground that allows oil to flow to market while protecting communities along those shipping routes.” Read more

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3. First phase of Thunder Butte refinery project could be operational this year

MHA refinery

The MHA Tribal Business council stated that the first phase of the Thunder Butte refinery should be complete by November 1 of this year. The first phase will be a trans load facility close to Makoti, North Dakota. Read more

4. Billings area may see a new refinery


Billings, Montana (Photo: Sara Goth via Wikimedia commons)

Billings, MT may gain a refinery site. It is one of five refineries of its kind that are being proposed in the Bakken area. It would refine petroleum into diesel fuel. The refinery would also create 150 permanent jobs in the area.  Read more

5. USGS to study Williston Basin water quality


The United States Geological Survey is going to carry out tests on the Williston Basin’s water supply in order to see if the influx of drilling activity has caused any changes in its quality. The study will be complete in 2016. Read more

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