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Shell moves out of Ukraine due to danger

Zachary Toliver | Shale Plays Media

The multinational oil and gas giant, Royal Dutch Shell plc, has officially pulled out of Eastern Ukraine. The shale gas exploration and production in the country has been suspended due to security concerns.

A representative of Royal Dutch Shell talked with the Russian based news agency, RIA Novosti, about the decision.

“Currently we are not conducting drilling in eastern Ukraine. The security situation is such that we are not able to carry out certain activities scheduled by the shale gas production agreement for reasons beyond our control,” the unnamed spokesperson said.

This recent decision is only a temporary measure to insure the protection of life and property. “Shell’s interests in shale gas production in Ukraine remain the same, and we will continue to execute all kinds of operations that we can carry out safely,” the representative noted.

Read the original report here, “Shell Suspends Shale Gas Production in Eastern Ukraine over Conflict.”

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