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Billings, Montana (Photo: Sara Goth via Wikimedia commons)

Billings area may see a new refinery

Zachary Toliver | Shale Plays Media

A new refinery site billed at around $500 million is being proposed for the Billings Montana area.

According to the Montana Standard, the new refinery center would bring in Bakken crude to refine the petroleum into diesel fuel. Surrounding facilities would also cultivate propane, butane and other lighter fuel products from the Bakken crude all while capturing carbon dioxide for use in enhanced oil recovery.

The “clean energy center” is one of five centers proposed to be built in nearby Bakken areas. Andrew Kacic of Williston, N.D., chief executive of Quantum Energy Inc. claims that the Billings refinery would bring 150 permanent jobs.

“We’re going where we would be welcome. If we have county, city and state support, we will go for it,” Kacic said Thursday. “We want to bring in 150 families who want to live in the area.”

In June, Quantum Energy also planned to buy 400 acres of land to develop a 20,000-barrel-per-day refinery in Baker, Montana. Other proposed sites for future refineries include  Fairview and Minot, N.D.

Read the full story by Tom Howard of The Billings Gazette on the exciting project that could set a new precedence for oil-refinery technology in the U.S. “Billings eyed for $500M crude oil refinery.”