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Williston Fire Department needs more space

Lydia Gilbertson | Shale Plays Media Google+

Most of the Williston Fire Department consists of volunteers. It employs four chiefs, only one of whom works full-time. As a result of the recent oil boom, the Williston Fire Department now covers an area the size of the state’s capitol city. Williston’s extreme population influx has caused a lot of strain on the small fire department.  The Associated Press reported Monday that the fire chief has gone on record stating that they desperately need another firehouse.

“The firefighters have responded to twice as many calls last year as they did in 2013. There have already been 280 reports this year, compared to 115 all of last year.

The department has 33 firefighters on staff, up from about 20 nearly two decades ago.”

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Voluneers committed to city’s safety

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