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Krahim splashes crude oil on a rudimentary refinery tank to keep it hot enough to boil kerosene. He’s ten years old and works nine hours a day. Photo by Jean-René Augé-Napoli, VICE News

Illegal oil refineries flourish in rebel-held Syria (VIDEO)

John Deede | Shale Plays Media Google+

As the civil war in Syria wears on, many areas of the country have been unable to supply basic necessities to their citizens. The lack of gasoline, diesel, and heating fuel has caused the former oil exporting nation to process crude oil in rudimentary, small-scale “refineries” scattered across the desert. The rebels who are fighting against the Bashar Assad regime are selling crude oil to citizens, who then refine the oil using open flames without wearing protective clothing or respiratory equipment. The refined product is then pumped into a truck to be sold by vendors in town. Jean-René Augé-Napoli from VICE News reported on the story:

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