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Nobody likes a gas flare

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The bustling oil boom in western North Dakota has caused a lot of changes to the area. One of the most talked about is the natural gas flares that now litter the prairie. No one is pro- flaring. It wastes money and elevates carbon emissions. In a recent article from the LA Times, the journalist Paresh Dave heads to Keene, N.D to have a conversation with a former North Dakota ranching couple who moved out to get away from the oil and gas industry that was stationed outside their home.

Not since the pasture they began leasing in 2009 became part of one of the nation’s most productive new oil fields. Not since a well barely 200 yards from their front porch began shooting a torch of burning gas skyward, 24 hours a day, with a force as loud as a jet engine.

“My bedroom’s like day — I don’t need a night light,” said Wanda Leppell, who has pleaded with state officials — so far without success — to do something. Her husband minces fewer words. “Rotten noise,” he says. “Rotten smell, and terrible waste.”

North Dakotans have taken some measures in order to curb their natural gas flaring. In a recent turn of events North Dakota has pledged to cut their methane emissions from flaring in half by the end of next year.

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