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Dominion CEO: Natural gas can change history

Shane Thielges | Shale Plays Media

Thomas Farrell II, CEO of Dominion Resources, says Ohio’s natural gas can change the world.

Speaking at the City Club of Cleveland today, Farrell said natural gas is primed to make America energy-independent in the near future and blasted renewable energy sources like solar and wind as “bit players”, the Akron Beacon Journal reports.

Dominion scheduled the meeting as part of its efforts to gain approval to export natural gas from a facility in Cove Point, Maryland. After his statements Farrell answered questions from the crowd, including some regarding environmental concerns surrounding hydraulic fracturing.

Farrell cited a recent study that showed estimates of lifetime Marcellus and Utica shale gas recovery are much higher than previously thought. He also revealed that if the Marcellus region were a country, it would be the eighth-highest gas producing nation in the world, beating out traditional energy juggernaut Saudi Arabia.

Read more of Farrell’s statements at the Akron Beacon Journal: Shale gas is invigorating the U.S. economy and will make America an arsenal of energy, says Dominion chief executive

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