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Reuters/Todd Korol

Canada refuses to wait for America any longer

Zachary Toliver | Shale Plays Media

Canada is not waiting around for the United States to green-light the Keystone XL pipeline. Late last year Husky Energy Inc. shipped a million barrels of its tar sands crude to India, in a test of international oil trade.

“We are doing it opportunistically to have the wheels greased” for more exports far afield if they become feasible, said Asim Ghosh, Husky’s chief executive.

The battle to end long standing export bans in America is ongoing but Canada is looking to become a major contributor in North American oil exporting. Some companies in Canada are even on a quest to find loopholes in American law to fast-track a lift on export bans ahead of the proposed controversial XL pipeline.

In addition, even if the Keystone pipeline was extended tomorrow, Canadian companies would still be combating with the major production of the Bakken for transporting space.

Read all about Canada’s oil export quest in Chester Dawson’s extensive coverage of the matter in his Wall Street Journal article, “Canada Aims to Sell its Oil Beyond U.S.”


  1. Whoa! That’s Some Exciting News! Holy Cow!

  2. Good! They shouldn’t let the bureaucrats in the US hold them back!

  3. How did they get the oil to their coast. Canada won’t build a pipeline for tar sands across their country. I find that interesting

  4. Bud Onstad cenex refinery in laurel Mt. Is ran off a pipeline from alberta oil sands

  5. Send your crap crude to India

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