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LNG exports lost in anti-coal commotion

The new coal regulations have caused a stir nationwide, with many energy companies railing against the pressure to cut emissions. However, in all of the hubbub, news about efforts to streamline LNG exports – which would likely benefit many companies, including some in Louisiana – has gotten lost. Christopher Helman brings this fact to light in his article for Forbes, saying that “the U.S. Department of Energy [DOE] announced a new method of vetting proposals for the export of liquefied natural gas.” This process would require that all proposals undergo extensive environmental impact studies, therefore thinning out the total number of proposals that the DOE is required to sift through. This could also lead to quicker approvals, which is a positive result for the lng industry. Helman is skeptical, however, of how much change will be affected from this new process, stating that the announcement was made to balance out the anti-coal regulations with pro-lng policies in the “war on coal.”

Check out Helman’s full article: Ahead of New Anti-Coal Regs, Obama Streamlines LNG Exports

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