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Solar Energy Resource Guide presented by Bakken.com


There are many different types of energy that are currently used today and were in use in the past. They include oil, natural gas, coal, wood, hydro power, wind power and more. Each of these types of energy has advantages and disadvantages. Over the course of time, man has continued to look for new sources of energy that can be easier to attain and at the same time be better for the environment. Over the past century people have begun looking to better utilize our natural resources as a source of renewable energy. The use of readily available energy sources such as wind, water and sun have had a positive impact on the environment. However, possibly the most plentiful and powerful source of natural energy is through solar power. In addition, by becoming less dependent on oil, coal and other similar sources of energy, the environment is starting to benefit as a result.

To learn more about the use of solar power as an energy source, please feel free to review the following information:

  • Solar Energy Defined – Broad overview of solar energy and uses are outlined in this presentation.
  • Solar Energy – In this webquest, active solar energy is defined along with a visual of how it is used.
  • Solar Electric Systems – This page from the U.S. Department of Energy provides information on small solar electric systems and how they function.
  • Solar Energy for Kids – This kid friendly page from the United States Energy Information Administration provides the basics of solar energy.
  • TVA and Solar Power – Web page from the Tennessee Valley Authority which discusses the uses of solar power as a source of energy.
  • Solar Energy and its Uses – This government article provides information on what solar energy is and talks about the possible uses.
  • Solar Power Energy – Helpful information from National Geographic on the uses of solar power and how it is converted to energy.
  • Facts About Solar Power – This informative page contains facts and information about various issues surrounding solar power for the home or business.
  • Solar Energy – Geoscience Australia article which discusses solar energy and the uses it has in our lives.
  • Using Solar Energy – This article describes how the solar radiation of the sun can be used as a source of energy in a non-polluting way.
  • Clean Energy – Informative page from the United States Environmental Protection Agency which talks about non-hydroelectric renewable energy such as solar, geothermal and wind and how it benefits the environment.
  • Environmental Impacts of Solar Power – This article provides a look at the impact on land and water by the usage of solar power.
  • Solar Energy and the Environment – Basic information which explains how solar energy usage can benefit the environment.
  • Solar Powered Nation – This article from Stanford University projects a look at the environment in the future if we become more dependent on solar energy.
  • Environmental Impact – In this page from Virginia Tech, it provides a look at the impact that various energy sources have on the environment.
  • Penn State Extension – This article from Penn State University talks about the advantages of using solar energy.
  • What is Solar Power? – Miami University of Ohio page which looks at the pros and cons of solar power.
  • Impacts of Energy Sources – In this Lehigh University page, solar energy is explored with advantages and disadvantages listed.
  • Capturing the Sun – MIT article which provides an overview of solar energy and how it can be a benefit to people and the environment.
  • Pros and Cons of Solar Energy – City of Las Vegas Solar Energy Portal with a balanced look at both the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages – Web page which provides a number of advantages and disadvantages to using solar energy.
  • Facts About Solar Power – This article from the University of Minnesota contains a balanced look at the advantages and disadvantages of solar power.
  • Renewable Energy – Web page which provides information and a series of videos which looks at types of renewable energy.
  • New York Times – Portal of information which looks at solar energy and provides a collection of news stories.
  • Facts for Kids – Useful article which provides a number of solar power facts for kids.
  • How Solar Works – This page from Go Solar California shows how solar energy works and gives a description of the components needed.
  • Resources for Educators – The Solar Energy International provide a web page with information and resources for teachers and students.
  • Solar Energy Resources – Helpful page from the Texas Solar Energy Society which provides information and resources about solar and renewable energy.
  • Renewable Energy Sources – This page contains information on various types of renewable energy in the United States.
  • Connecticut Solar Resources – Page with a number of regional, state and national resources about solar power.
  • Solar Energy Calculator – A tool provided by SolarEnergy.com, a site with resources and information about solar power and the growing solar energy industry.
  • Solar 101 – Basic information about solar energy, including an interactive map with state-specific information.


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