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USGS: More data needed to assess any fracking-pollution link

oil slick

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A new study by the U.S. Geological Survey says more data is needed to be able to say for sure if a link exists between unconventional oil and gas development and degraded water quality. The study published in the American Geophysical Union journal Water Resources Research finds no evidence hydraulic fracturing is polluting nearby surface water. However, ...

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Study: Oklahoma’s daily small quakes raise risk of big ones

SAN JOSE, California — Small earthquakes shaking Oklahoma and southern Kansas daily and linked to energy drilling are dramatically increasing the chance of bigger and dangerous quakes, federal research indicates. This once stable region is now just as likely to see serious damaging and potentially harmful earthquakes as the highest risk places east of the Rockies such as New Madrid, ...

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Questions and answers about oil and gas wastewater spills


Nearly 3 million gallons of briny water generated by crude oil production has leaked from a North Dakota pipeline and reached two creeks, making it the biggest spill of this type of wastewater since the state’s Bakken formation oil boom began in 2006. Here are some questions and answers about oil and gas saltwater spills: Q: What does this liquid ...

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Pair of earthquakes rattles parts of Oklahoma


OKLAHOMA CITY — A pair of earthquakes have been recorded in Oklahoma, including a magnitude 3.0 temblor near Mooreland in northwestern Oklahoma. The U.S. Geological Survey says the earthquake was recorded at 7:41 a.m. Friday about 12 miles east-northeast of the Woodward County town. It occurred at a depth of about three miles. An earlier quake was recorded shortly before ...

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NY fracking ban seen as having little impact on supply

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York’s recent decision to ban fracking is hardly seen as a big loss for the nation’s production of natural gas. That’s because scientists say New York’s available reserves of natural gas in the sprawling Marcellus Shale are minuscule compared to what can be extracted in other states such as Pennsylvania and West Virginia. “Even if the ...

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Natural gas production permits expected to begin in 2015

With a new set of fracking rules recently finalized, North Carolina is poised next year to begin issuing permits for natural gas production. But Lee, Moore and Chatham counties, which sit atop gas-rich ancient shale rock, are not expected to see new derricks, wellheads and water tanker trucks — all of which are associated with the shale energy industry in ...

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Expert explains link bewteen seisimic activity and fracking, wastewater injection

Oklahoma is now more seismically active than the state of California, according to a hydrophysics expert who spoke in Norman recently. Dr. Todd Halihan, OSU Professor of Hydrogeology of Fractured Aquifers and Hydrophysics talked about fracking, wastewater injection and earthquakes at a public forum on Dec. 1. It was the third educational public forum in Norman dealing with the controversial ...

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