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DRC initiates campaign to audit ND gov

dakota resource council

North Dakota environmentalist group The Dakota Resource Council initiated a campaign yesterday in an attempt to gain enough signatures on a petition to conduct a performance audit on the North Dakota Department of Health and the Department of Mineral Resources’ Oil and Gas Division. The group wishes to convince lawmakers that the audit is necessary due to these departments’ failure ...

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NDIC to decide on oil conditioning standards tomorrow

pump jack

North Dakota regulators have been debating whether or not to require crude conditioning practices at well sites prior to shipment in order to increase transportation safety. Most oil companies think it is too costly and unnecessary. The decision was delayed last month, but Forum News Service reported that at 3 p.m on Tuesday the commission will hold a meeting to make ...

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Landowners Association discusses oil impact

cows and land

The Northwest Landowners Association met on Saturday to discuss oil development on their property. The group consists primarily of farmers, ranchers and other landowners from McKenzie, Williams and Mountrail County. The group is concerned about the oil industry’s effect on the soil quality on their property specifically, the growing number of pipelines being constructed in the state. The Forum News Service ...

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Does ND need a regulation workover?

pump jacks

This week the New York Times released an extensive expose that highlights the flaws in North Dakota’s regulatory system for the oil and gas industry. It has been received in a variety of ways, on both sides of the issue. But one thing is indisputable about the piece–Deborah Sontag did her homework. Whether or not you think North Dakota needs ...

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The dark side of the boom– isn’t so dark


The New York Times has a very, very ugly profile of the North Dakota government’s handling of the state’s Bakken oil boom up this weekend. The paper is also promising a second article which they pitch as “An examination of an unusual land deal and questions about the North Dakota government’s relationship with the booming oil industry.” Not disclosed in ...

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‘Deepwater Horizon’ film could star Mark Wahlberg

Marissa Hall | Shale Plays Media The Deepwater Horizon disaster is soon to have its very own cinematic dramatization, directed by J.C. Chandor (“All is Lost”). The film, titled simply ‘Deepwater Horizon,’ will be based on “Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hour,” an article from The New York Times from December 25, 2010. Although the film was only announced Tuesday, it came with ...

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