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How to power the whole world? Ask Elon Musk.

Elon Musk

While pipelines are approved and rig counts go up, Elon Musk and Leonardo DiCaprio are talking lithium ion batteries, climate change and alternative energy. Is all of this just talk, or is there some truth to their rhetoric? We actually did the calculations to figure out what it would take to transition the whole world to sustainable energy. You’d need ...

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Electric vehicles beat gasoline cars in cradle-to-grave emissions study

A cradle-to-grave analysis finds driving an electric car in California creates less greenhouse gas emissions than even the most efficient gasoline vehicle. A car running on electricity — even when powerplant emissions are considered — produces pollution equivalent to a theoretical conventional car with fuel economy of 87 miles per gallon, according to the study, released Thursday by the Union ...

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Editorial: Of course, oil demonized Tesla

We understand the fundamental imperative of the oil industry and gasoline- and diesel-powered automakers. Money and market share are powerful motivators. In the recent assault on legislation to cut petroleum use by half, an oil industry front called California Drivers Alliance homed in on an especially rich and easy target: Tesla, the high-performance, high-cost cars that are largely California-made. “If ...

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Editorial: Changes to help save energy

In the power industry, much of the energy focuses on the big and new: technologies, fuels, even delivery. But the biggest difference — for the planet, the population and the power companies — is likely to come from efforts to use less. The whizbang electric cars from Tesla, for example, generate a mountain of headlines, and tremendous amounts of money ...

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More electric cars mean more power usage

While companies like Tesla Motors continue to modify and build better electric cars, power companies, including American Electric Power Company Inc. (AEP), will be paying close attention to the demand of power. As reported by the Columbus Business First, “Last year more than 123,000 plug-in electric vehicles were sold in the U.S., a sliver of the total 16.5 million new ...

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