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Big property tax hikes coming in 2018?

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The sustainability of “property tax relief” program using state tax dollars to reduce local property taxes is now at 0% as the State House yesterday voted to repeal the 12% property tax credit. Senate Bill 2206 was amended to repeal the 12% credit and takeover about half that much of the property tax bill which covers local social services. As ...

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Expert finds flaws with property tax assessment

CHARLESTON — A Marshall University economist and tax assessment expert highlighted some problems with property tax assessment Monday morning for the Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform. Among them: Coal taxes are shrinking, but coal and natural gas property taxes aren’t collected in the same way, costing the state lost income. Another: Counties are being tempted to use a legal ...

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Study suggests increase of gas severance tax

The West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy has released a study suggesting that raising the state’s severance tax on natural gas liquids could increase revenue and help West Virginia profit from the use of the liquids in state. The study, which was released by the center on Wednesday, lays out a plan to increase the gas severance tax from ...

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Number of ND bills already filed is below average

BISMARCK, N.D. — The number of bills filed before the start of North Dakota’s upcoming legislative session — on topics from tax reform to requiring ginseng growers to be registered to lowering penalties for possession of drug paraphernalia — is below the long-term average, the head of the Legislature’s research arm says. Lawmakers, state agencies and legislative committees have already ...

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Demand for pipelines bolsters MLPs


Stephanie Ritenbaugh | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Two companies with Marcellus Shale assets, Consol Energy and Noble Energy, announced plans earlier this month to form a master limited partnership to handle pipeline and processing demands in the shale play. They are among the most recent in a long line of companies to use a master limited partnership (MLP), a tax vehicle developed ...

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