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Pa. coal emissions plan criticized as too lenient


Don Hopey for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pennsylvania’s proposal to control smog-forming emissions from coal-fired power plants sets limits so lax that most of those facilities could continue to operate without the pollution controls they’ve already installed, just as they’re doing now, according to two environmental organizations that have reviewed the rules. The Sierra Club and the Clean Air Council review found ...

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Crude oil tanker trains to Yorktown ignite controversy

csx train route

Virginia environmentalists and activists are worried that an uptick in tanker trains carrying petroleum crude oil to a new storage and shipping hub in Yorktown is a recipe for disaster. At issue is crude oil from the Bakken shale formation in North Dakota — the same crude that’s been implicated in derailments and explosions over the past several months from ...

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Con: Flaring is not properly monitored and releases harmful pollutants into the air


Harry Zimmermann, 64, of Cheapside, has been fighting allergies since December. He thinks his persistent head cold might be the result of flaring. “When the air is stagnant, you can smell the gas,” Zimmermann said. He hasn’t collected any air samples, but he’s had his water well tested several times for contamination. It’s come back clean every time, he said. ...

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North Dakota’s only Sierra Club staffer feeling green in a red state

sierra club staffer

North Dakota’s only Sierra Club staffer, Wayde Schafer, and his children stood atop a towering butte two decades ago and watched in the distance as a nodding donkey pump sucked oil from underground in an otherwise untouched area of western North Dakota’s Badlands. For Schafer, the lone oil well near Theodore Roosevelt National Park marked the decline of North Dakota’s ...

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