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As pink slips mount, roughnecks cry foul

A roughneck from Abilene claims in a federal lawsuit that Patterson-UTI in Midland laid off him and 200 other rig hands earlier this month without the 60 days notice required by federal employment law. The suit states James Hanks found work as a roughneck in 2013 with Patterson-UTI in Midland, working on a rig for two weeks at a time, ...

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2014’s Booms, Bans, and Busts no. 2: Personal profiles

To bring in the New Year, Shale Plays Media is counting down the days with a series looking back on the top stories we covered in 2014. So far, we have recapped the Keystone XL debate, the controversy surrounding oilfield waste disposal, and the various fracking bans, among others. Today, we’re revisiting some of the individuals working in the industry, as well as the ...

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7 oilfield songs you won’t hear on the radio


When I’m not sitting behind a keyboard, typing away and following the latest energy-related news, nine times out of ten I’m idling in a rocking chair picking away at the ol’ banjo.  Whether it’s jam sessions or just solo picking, I find that a significant portion of my musical repertoire for that good, old-time sound comes from the blue collar ...

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A Diamond in the rough(neck)

61-year-old Carla Restivo isn’t too worried about abiding by the stereotypical norms associated with today’s workforce society, but rather shattering them completely. In a profession dominated by men, and I mean dominated–95 percent to be exact–Restivo is just one of a few women “roughnecking” it in the oil fields. Restivo has been roughing it with the boys for parts of ...

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