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No, It’s Not Time To Increase The Gas Tax

gas tax

Earlier this week, a shocking headline was posted by an unlikely source. Rob Port of the SayAnythingBlog posted an article announcing his support of an increase in the gas tax. Port says: You may be wondering why a conservative with a preference for limited government is in favor of a tax hike. It’s an easy case to make… The best ...

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Morning radio show discusses fracking and drilling with Shale Plays Media contributor Rob Port

Shale Plays Media contributor Rob Port will appear on Saturday Morning Live, a live broadcast radio show in KGMI 790 radio based in Bellingham, Washington. The show works to educate and inform people about the value of individual liberty and how it is being affected in a positive or negative way through political or outside influences. Host Jacob Deschenes will ...

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Time for oil boom critics to give some credit on flaring


To hear some environmental activists and political partisans tell it North Dakota’s oil boom is an ecological disaster. “We’re destroying western North Dakota,” they chorus. Most recently they’ve been pointing to a (deeply flawed) series of stories by the New York Times which suggest a cozy relationship between the oil industry and state regulators has resulted in spiking oil spills ...

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The top 5 Bakken stories of the week

swing of success

Rig Count: 188 5. Shareholders approve acquisition between pair of Denver-based company’s Whiting Petroleum Corp. shareholders have approved the acquisition of Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. in an all-stock deal, according to the Denver Business Journal. The deal is valued at $6 billion. A merger between the two companies was announced back on July 13 of this year. It is ...

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Goal in oil conditioning regs should be outcome not method


The debate over oil stabilization can be a confusing one. It’s important to a lot of people because we’ve all read the headlines about, and seen the pictures of, explosive train derailments. But the information we get about the issue is often conflicting (and very often driven by politics, I’m afraid). Currently the North Dakota Industrial Commission is considering a ...

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Partnership shouldn’t trump honest debate about oil tax

oil barrel

Democrat Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider isn’t on the ballot this year because he represents an even-numbered district. Thus, he’s free to play bomb-thrower for his party this cycle, and the bombs he’s been throwing have to do with efforts to reform the state’s taxes on oil production last session. To hear Schneider tell it, you’d think that even discussing ...

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The top 5 Bakken stories of the week


The Bakken area rig count: 192 Reported oil and saltwater spills: 2 1.  Oil conditioning hearing date set The controversial Bakken crude volatility issue will be addressed by the North Dakota Industrial Commission on September 23rd at the Department of Mineral Resources’ office in Bismarck, ND. The hearing will explore oil transportation safety and whether or not companies should be ...

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Big reductions in flaring are on the way

Rob Port | Shale Plays Media Contributor North Dakota is likely to see some big progress on one of the most visible and talked about problems of the oil boom. This week Governor Jack Dalrymple’s office announced that ONEOK Partners would be building a new gas processing plant in McKenzie County (Watford City) capable of processing 200 million cubic feet ...

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Could North Dakota’s economic success actually hurt republicans?

North Dakota

Rob Port | Bakken.com Contributer North Dakota Republicans have benefited tremendously from North Dakota’s oil-driven economic boom, but could they become victims of the state’s success? By any conventional measure, North Dakota Republicans seem set to have another very successful election cycle. They’ve got a huge incumbency advantage. Every single Republican on the statewide ballot is an incumbent (though two ...

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Housing help is on the way

housing graph

North Dakota is seeing a building season for housing that is perhaps unlike any the state has ever seen, and it couldn’t be coming at a better time. A housing shortage in North Dakota, particularly in the oil fields in the western part of the state, has pushed rents in some parts of the state so high that they’ve made ...

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