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Calculate Your Savings: Natural Gas vs. Diesel

power generation, natural gas vs diesel

The old cliché “Time is Money” is still relevant in today’s oilfield operations. When your rig is down, you’re losing money with every passing minute. That’s why LTR helps you assess your energy needs and provide a strategic plan to help you decide which generators will best help you optimize your operations. Chad Wolf, LTR’s Product Manager for Natural Gas ...

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Why many states are panicked by the federal Clean Power Plan

The four huge power plants that stand smoking in Colstrip, Montana, don’t just employ hundreds of workers. They pay property taxes that allow the city of some 2,000 people to afford services other remote, rural communities lack, such as a parks and recreation department. The electricity-generating plants consume almost all the coal mined at the Rosebud Mine, the second largest ...

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Energy News Roundup: German LNG push, DiCaprio advocates carbon tax & renewables provide all new US capacity

Jared Anderson | Breaking Energy The German government is providing the country’s largest utility E.ON loans to help competitively bid for global LNG supply as Berlin seeks to diversify gas import sources away from Russia. The loans strengthen E.ON’s credit rating and help the company compete with government-backed companies that LNG suppliers favor. “Those guarantees have in the past been ...

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