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Wolf unveils natural gas severance tax proposal

THORNDALE, Pa. — Gov. Tom Wolf says he’ll push for higher taxes on Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry that are identical to West Virginia’s to help boost aid to public schools. Wolf, a Democrat, appeared Wednesday at Caln Elementary School in Thorndale, about 30 miles west of Philadelphia, as he kicked off a statewide “Schools that Teach Tour.” Wolf wants a ...

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Safest mode of transport for oil and gas debated

The more oil and gas that is pulled from the ground by drilling and fracking, the more that will need to be moved from wellheads in North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Ohio to refineries and ports throughout the country. But the best, safest way to transport oil and gas, which can be toxic and explosive, is still being debated. Tanker trucks, ...

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Wolf being pressured to restrict gas drilling

Environmental advocates are applying pressure on the Wolf administration to broaden restrictions on natural gas drilling on Pennsylvania state lands. Gov. Wolf’s Jan. 29 moratorium on new gas leasing, signed on his 10th day in office and hailed by environmentalists, had symbolic importance, but it went only so far. The ban undid a limited Corbett administration policy that allowed new ...

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Proposed pipelines are causing a slight uproar

The flourishing supply of natural gas coming from the Marcellus and Utica shale regions in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania has become a promising area for companies that develop interstate pipeline–and a potential migraine for those who are against massive amounts of gas flowing through their property. Currently, there are several proposed underground pipeline projects that would transport natural gas ...

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Statewide program planned to train first responders on hazards of natural gas vehicles

First responders will have to deal with new challenges — and use different techniques — if called to battle fires or crashes involving vehicles fueled by compressed natural gas, officials planning a statewide training program said. Since compressed natural gas is catching on as a fuel source — the Pennsylvania Turnpike opened three fueling stations at its New Stanton service ...

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Marcellus horizontal well activity


The cutting back and laying off trend has made its way to the Marcellus Shale formation– all because of low energy prices. Across the state of Pennsylvania, counties have seen drops in rigs, permits, jobs and budgets. Lou D’ Amico, president and executive director of the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association, states that the main cause there is so ...

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Long-term solution for wastewater disposal eludes shale gas industry

Defining wastewater disposal in the Marcellus shale fields has been a moving target. Drillers initially sent millions of gallons to public water treatment plants, until regulators said the plants were not equipped to properly clean the salt- and metal-laden water that comes from shale gas wells. The traditional method of injecting it back into deep wells is less feasible in ...

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