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EDITORIAL: Missing links on the rails

Times Union (Albany, N.Y.) Our opinion: The failure of government to adequately ensure rail safety is exposed in several recent news reports, underscoring the concerns of people living near the tracks. Is it any wonder the ponderous freight trains laden with crude oil are the source of continuing concern for residents at the Ezra Prentice Homes in Albany, and elsewhere ...

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The drilling dodge


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Editorial While the Obama administration dithers with green energy fantasies, it’s sitting on 3,500 applications for oil and natural gas drilling on federal lands, according to a report by the Interior Department’s inspector general. Although the report points no finger of blame, the IG notes “inefficiencies” by the feds have led to long review times that aren’t bound ...

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Editorial: Why is the EPA stalling on ethanol?

The Chicago Tribune Ethanol manufacturers have long maintained that government subsidies to their industry pay off for consumers in the form of lower gas prices. Not so fast. The Congressional Budget Office recently determined that the feds’ ethanol targets will push gas prices higher. The Environmental Protection Agency, under a rule known as the Renewable Fuel Standard, requires oil refiners ...

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Editorial: LNG export permits need faster time-table

The Beaumont Enterprise Editorial Staff The ExxonMobil Corp. wants permission from the federal government to build an export plant at its Golden Pass facility for liquid natural gas, so the feds have asked it to submit the paperwork. So far, so good. A proposal like this should be thoroughly studied. But 18 months? That’s how long the permit process is ...

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EDITORIAL: The Black Place — worth preserving

Sante Fe New Mexican  Balancing the need for energy and the necessity of preserving what makes New Mexico unique is an ongoing process in our state. The latest threat showcases how hard it can be to maintain landscape while allowing oil and gas drilling. After all, does it matter if one of the landscapes made famous by painter Georgia O’Keeffe ...

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EDITORIAL: For drillers, no means no


Our opinion: The state’s highest court says municipalities can block local drilling operations. State lawmakers need to keep it that way. In ruling that communities could ban hydrofracking within their borders, the state’s highest court rightly rebuffed the gas industry’s attempt to use state law to impose drilling on unwilling hosts. The industry tried to use the Oil, Gas and ...

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EDITORIAL: Chief justice says anti-energy measures could harm public


Staff Editorial | The Colorado Springs Gazette An effort to block five anti-energy amendments to the Colorado Constitution received the go-ahead Monday by the Colorado Supreme Court. Without commenting on merits of the jobs-killing measures, justices ruled language in the proposals does not violate the state’s single-subject rule and meets standards for clarity. The amendments would grant local governments the ...

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EDITORIAL: Hess drills; finds gusher of talent


By Tom Dennis, The Grand Forks Herald For a government-run institution that critics say is on its last legs, about to implode, failing at its core mission and facing all manner of other ills, the North Dakota University System sure draws a lot of capitalist support. Case in point: Thursday’s announcement of the Hess Corp. giving $5 million to the UND ...

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Editorial: Cutting CO2 emissions the right thing to do

air pollution

The American News (Aberdeen, S.D.) Earlier this month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed new rules that will force South Dakota utilities to decrease their total carbon dioxide emissions by 35 percent by 2030. Fifteen years, 35 percent. Certainly, this is something that can be done — for both the health of our environment and our own health. However, despite ...

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