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Keystone XL Opponents Running Out of New Ideas


Mark Green |Energy Tomorrow Blog Ever since the Keystone XL pipeline first started clearing environmental reviews by the U.S. State Department, opponents basically have been left with arguing that State missed one thing or another in an effort to drag out the federal review. Of course, the credibility of the tactic has suffered evaporation with each successful State review, now ...

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The sky is not falling! – energy companies can handle a little restraint


Shane Thielges | Shale Plays Media The advent of hydraulic fracturing in the oil and gas industry has brought great economic prosperity to the US. Whatever your feelings on the environment, landowners’ rights or government control, this fact is undeniable. In the wake of a recession that crippled the nation’s economic outlook, it makes sense to support one of the ...

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This Crude Life: In the shadows of giants

By Zach Koppang | Shale Plays Media In a feeble attempt to avoid having to participate in another day, I hit the snooze button on a clock radio several times. Another alarm chimes, encased in a cell phone, and is promptly silenced with an oily fingerprint smeared across the screen. I secure rubber soles to my feet and embark into ...

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Oil-field waste regulators should be more proactive

oil fire

By Grand Forks Herald It took explosions, fires and deaths before federal and state regulators got grimly serious about the risks of transporting Bakken oil. Likewise, it took the discovery of mounds of dumped oil-field waste before North Dakota regulators made safe disposal a top priority. Now, here’s a suggestion for North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple and his regulatory officials: Don’t ...

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Counter Putin with action on energy


By Grand Forks Herald  Why has Vladimir Putin succeeded? In part, because he understands the virtue of decisiveness. He acted: He assessed the risks of intervening in Ukraine, judged them acceptable, and gave the orders. Mind you, these were not rash decisions on Putin’s part. The Russian president rightly calculated that around the world, only Ukraine would care as much as ...

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The total costs of crude oil

exxon valdez

 By E. KIRSTEN PETERS Energy companies work night and day to bring us oil and the many products made from it. Most of that work is uneventful and unseen by the public. But when things go wrong, a disaster of epic proportions can ensue. Twenty five years ago — on the night of March 23, 1989 — the Exxon Valdez ...

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Opportunism obscures honest debate

oil spill

By: Rob Port, Bakken.com contributer This may sound odd coming as it does from an outspoken conservative such as myself, but I’m an environmentalist. I spent my childhood in Alaska, playing imaginary games in the woods, hunting with my father in the wilderness and fishing with my uncle in Prince William Sound, an area that would later become famous for ...

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Forum Editorial: ‘Extraordinary places’ initiative is sensible


By The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead  The fictions and distortions by opponents of North Dakota’s “extraordinary places” initiative are just short of out-and-out lies. The rants are not even clever. They are ham-handed misrepresentations that have no relation to the truth of a sensible proposal that was developed by Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. The response to his meticulous work has been outrageous. ...

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