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U.S. Oil Sands Inc. prepares to strip mine Utah’s Uinta Basin

John Deede | Shale Plays Media Google+ In eastern Utah’s Uinta Basin, an estimated 12-30 billion barrels of oil are laying just under the surface. The reserves have not yet been commercially developed, but the Canadian company U.S. Oil Sands has been cleared to begin strip mining bitumen on its 231-acre site in PR Spring. Utah’s hydrocarbon reserves differ greatly than those ...

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Oil Company Looks To Great Lakes As Shipping Demand Booms

great lakes

Jack Rendulich/AP/Image Credit North Dakota and western Canada are producing crude oil faster than it can be shipped to refineries. Rail car manufacturers can’t make new tank cars fast enough, and new pipeline proposals face long delays over environmental concerns. So energy companies are looking for new ways to get the heavy crude to market. One proposed solution is to ...

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Cline Shale still the ‘big unknown’ in 2013

cline shale

Perhaps the most pressing question in this region in 2013 was: When will the Cline Shale boom? The latest series of oil and natural gas booms began just a few years ago with the rapid expansion of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” opening reserves of fossil fuels trapped in rock shales deep underground. The Barnett Shale in Fort Worth, Haynesville Shale ...

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FLARING: Beating the Heat


Flaring of natural gas in the Bakken continues to hover at around 30 percent while producers and researchers explore a variety of potential utilization methods. No one wants to set $1 billion on fire and watch it disappear into the atmosphere in a fantastic display of flames. And yet that is precisely what has been happening in the Bakken region ...

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Letter: Sandpiper pipeline means ND jobs and development


By: Sen. Tom Campbell, INFORUM In a recent commentary, Rep. Mark Owens, R-Grand Forks, was right on the importance of pipelines and in particular Enbridge’s new proposed line for safely transporting North Dakota’s crude to markets across the country. While he is right in that safety is always the highest concern, pipelines give tremendous economic value to our state, as well. ...

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New fracking technique could cut demand for fresh water


By: Amy Dalrymple, Forum News Service, INFORUM BISMARCK – The North Dakota Industrial Commission has approved the first significant pilot test of recycling water for hydraulic fracturing in the Bakken, which could lead to conserving millions of gallons of freshwater and reducing truck traffic. Statoil received the OK last week to proceed with a test that will use produced water ...

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