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Occidental Petroleum elects Eugene Batchelder as chairman

NEW YORK — Oil and gas exploration and production company Occidental Petroleum said Friday it elected former ConocoPhillips executive Eugene Batchelder as its new chairman. The Houston-based company said former chairman Edward Djerejian, 76, retired from the board. He had been Occidental Petroleum Corp.’s chairman since 2013 and was a company director since 1996. Batchelder, 67, worked for Phillips Petroleum ...

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Editorial: Earthquake mitigation

It is early yet, but so far, reduced earthquake activity in south-central Kansas supports state regulators’ action to curb deep underground wastewater disposal for oil and gas production. Since September, the region has experienced an average of 17 quakes of magnitude 2.0 or higher each month. That has led scientists and regulators to suspect that the injection of waste saltwater ...

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CERAWeek: Oil price collapse calls for new breed of CEO – consultant


HOUSTON – The energy sector will need a “new breed” of executives who innovate in real-time to effectively navigate through the crude oil price collapse and the industry transformation that is expected to follow, an energy headhunter and leadership consultant said on Monday. The oil price crash represents for some “a great chance to seize on the crisis and turn ...

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Oil and gas ordinance in holding pattern

Mayor Gina Noble’s first meeting holding the gavel was lengthy but remained civil even though it included a public hearing on zoning changes potentially affecting oil and gas drilling in and near Stillwater. It’s a contentious issue that prompted the authoring of eight bills this legislative session as Stillwater, Norman and a few other Oklahoma cities considered ordinances governing oil ...

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Wait, Chevron did what now?

Of all the major oil and gas companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico, Chevron Corp. has displayed an impressive amount of success in recent months. With two major pay zone discoveries and partial stake in projects operated by its peers among its expansive portfolio, the oil giant’s position in the Gulf is strong. Now Chevron is looking to make ...

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Port Fourchon copes with reduced rents

PORT FOURCHON, La. — Port Fourchon is adjusting to a nearly $2.9 million expected drop in its gross revenue because of a 20 percent discount it is providing on land leases to help struggling oil and gas companies. “Every year, we budget very conservatively. Thus, changes can be made easily to meet reduction in revenue. We have looked at many ...

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Opinion: Ramped up exploration and use of fossil fuels make a mockery of countries’ climate plans

LONDON — Studying the science of climate change needs quite a wide window period; its politics does not. The past few weeks have showcased just how intense an economy-driven political issue it can be. Climate plans First came the one-after-another submissions by 34 countries of their voluntary plans to cut carbon emissions in the fight against climate change. Known as ...

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Wyoming’s O&G tax task force meets for first time

Wyoming is determined to sort out its mineral taxes in the next two years, The Denver Business Journal reports. The state recently appointed a task force made up of lawmakers, oil and gas representatives and other contributors to conduct a two-year study of how to make the mining industry’s severance and ad valorem taxes more efficient. The task force is ...

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Jeb Bush shows O&G support in Colorado

Coloradan oil and gas industrialists rejoice: you have Jeb Bush’s support—he explicitly said so in a recent visit to the state. The Denver Business Journal reports that the former Florida governor spoke earlier this week at a hotel in Denver. More than 200 representatives from businesses and organizations such as Xcel Energy, Western Energy Alliance and the Colorado Farm Bureau, ...

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