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Groups want freeze on oil waste dumping into water reserves

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Environmental groups sought a freeze Wednesday on permits to dump oil field waste into the country’s underground water reserves, alleging that lax federal oversight was threatening potential drinking water supplies. Groups including the Natural Resources Defense Council and Clean Water Action formally petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the moratorium. The agency would review the ...

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Renewable energy and efficiency in the same sector at last

It’s apparent that after the Clean Power Plan was released by the Obama Administration that the energy sector would undergo some fundamental changes. Though this might be too good to be true, renewable energy and efficiency are both contributing to a decrease in fossil fuels. Efficient use means smarter use. Don’t underestimate the impact efficiency can have on energy use. ...

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California wants renewable energy for half its power by 2030

LOS ANGELES — Gov. Jerry Brown dramatically increased California’s climate-change goals, committing the state to use renewable energy for half its electricity and make existing buildings twice as energy-efficient in just 15 years. Brown tried for an even stronger measure that also would have enforced a 50 percent drop in petroleum use by 2030, but was defeated by oil interests. ...

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Basil Seggos named New York’s environmental commissioner

ALBANY, N.Y. — Gov. Andrew Cuomo has named Basil Seggos, his top environmental adviser, as the new commissioner of the state Department of Environmental Conservation, a post that has been vacant since Joe Martens resigned in July. Seggos has been Cuomo’s deputy secretary for the environment since 2013. His appointment is subject to approval by the state Senate. Seggos is ...

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Eco-groups file notice with EPA for new federal regulations on disposing of drilling wastes

A coalition of environmental organizations on Wednesday filed a legal notice with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency demanding regulations to stop oil and gas companies from dumping drilling and fracking waste in ways that threaten public health and the environment. That includes Ohio injection wells for liquid drilling wastes that have triggered earthquakes and low-level radioactive waste from drill cuttings ...

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Canadian wildfire haze can make us thankful

There is an aphorism which tells us that we do not appreciate what we have until it is gone. Over the last couple of weeks we North Dakotans, forced to celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s independence through a smoky haze blown down from Canadian wildfires, were left appreciating our state’s normally pristine air quality. That’s because it disappeared on ...

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