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Shale vs. conventional: Which produces more greenhouse gases?

Oil and gas extracted from tight shale formations such as the Bakken produces greenhouse gas emissions similar to conventional oil fields, according to two studies released by the United States Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory. As reported by The Bakken Magazine, early estimates predicted that shale production might generate up to 20 percent more greenhouse gas emissions than oil ...

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Iraqis tour North Dakota to study gas-capturing technologies

BISMARCK, N.D. — The Iraqi government has turned to North Dakota for help in finding solutions to the wasteful burning of natural gas that’s a byproduct of oil production. Iraq, OPEC’s second-biggest oil producer behind Saudi Arabia, is having much the same problem dealing with excess natural gas that North Dakota has had as oil production there has increased, though ...

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North Dakota: An ideal model for flaring?


Wyomingites may look to North Dakota for inspiration in solving the state’s ongoing dispute over natural gas flaring, according to The Billings Gazette. As the state grapples with looming flaring regulations, an agreement between interests may prove to be hard-won; environmentalists criticize the practice, which involves burning off excess gas, for being wasteful and hazardous, but the state’s oil and ...

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Senate rejects Bakken flaring bill

Last Thursday North Dakota senators shot down a measure that aimed to further restrict and reduce flaring activity, according to a report by the Forum News Service. Senate Bill 2287 failed with 35 votes against and 11 in favor. The bill would have cut the amount of time a well is allowed to flare from one year to 90 days. ...

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Tribal head to speed North Dakota pipeline talks

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — The new leader of North Dakota’s oil-rich Three Affiliated Tribes is pledging to speed negotiations on a proposed pipeline through tribal land that would curb the wasteful burning of natural gas in the state by more than 10 percent. North Dakota’s booming oil production has led to an unmanageable increase in the state’s output of natural ...

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Bakken’s next phase: Natural gas

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Even as it fills the railroads of the Upper Midwest with oil tank cars, the Bakken has allowed its natural gas riches to languish. Less profitable than oil and more difficult to transport, natural gas has been so secondary in North Dakota that drillers still burn off more than a fourth of what rises from the ground. In satellite pictures, ...

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Dalrymple: State has been ‘easy on companies’ for flaring, but adds: ‘Those days are over’

By Katherine Lymn, The Dickinson Press Bismark- North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple made some of his strongest public comments yet to industry about flaring in a speech Wednesday at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference. Regulators and industry are using the conference — which is occurring just over a week before new flaring reduction measures take effect June 1 — to ...

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270 Fracking Wells Account For 60 Percent Of All Flaring In North Dakota

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Just 274 wells accounted for around 60 percent of all flaring of natural gas in North Dakota in December, a researcher said Tuesday at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck. Chad Wocken, senior research manager at the Energy and Environmental Research Center, a contract research firm housed at the University of North Dakota, discussed flaring ...

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