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Energy glut, low commodity prices hitting Ohio’s Utica Shale; cutbacks are growing in eastern Ohio

oil and gas drilling rig operating in Ohio's Utica Shale formation

Drilling is slowing down in Ohio’s Utica Shale because of low commodity prices and growing energy supplies. Continued low prices tied to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ efforts to derail shale drilling in the United States have put a major crimp into drilling for natural gas and liquids in Ohio and other shale-drilling states. OPEC has continued production, despite ...

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‘Backdoor’ amendment in Pa. fiscal code guts regulations, gives millions to new natural gas fund

The state Senate on Thursday passed the fiscal code with some new language that environmentalists say not only guts regulations governing the oil and gas industry, but also subsidizes it. The fiscal code, which tells lawmakers how to spend money in the general fund, takes $12 million from the Alternative Energy Investment Act and puts it into a new Natural ...

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Pipeline crunch is a key topic at Philadelphia shale conference

PHILADELPHIA — The buildout of pipelines needed to move natural gas from Pennsylvania’s shale fields to markets could last another 20 years, the head of one of the state’s largest utilities said Wednesday. “That’s probably a two-decade period to put the infrastructure in place to ensure continuous access to low-cost energy,” UGI Corp. CEO John Walsh told several hundred energy ...

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Study: Marcellus shale industry has ‘modest impact’ on creating local jobs


Up to half of the drilling jobs associated with the Marcellus shale industry don’t go to local residents, and the industry has had only “modest impact” on overall employment numbers in the state, a new study commissioned by a Penn State University economist suggests. Tim Kelsey studied tax data from the state Department of Revenue from 2002 to 2011, the ...

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Shale gas production in retreat amid low prices, shortage of pipelines

Pennsylvania shale gas production is starting to show the effects of a partial retreat by drillers struggling with low prices and a shortage of pipelines. The 2.25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas that companies pulled from the Marcellus and other shale formations beneath Pennsylvania during the first six months of the year was about 5.6 percent higher than the ...

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State DEP to use in-house database to collect fracking, well site data

The state Department of Environmental Protection is creating its own electronic database that will record all of the chemicals gas companies use in the hydraulic fracturing process. Since 2012 the state has mandated that companies list the chemicals used in the fracking process and, until now, had used an independent source called FracFocus to run the database. But DEP officials ...

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Royalties bill is getting second chance

Pennsylvania Representative Garth Everett (R-Lycoming) is giving his royalties bill a second chance. Measure House Bill 1391 is directed towards Pennsylvania landowners and making sure they receive fair royalty payments from natural gas operations.  Everett introduced the bill last year, but unfortunately once it was approved by the House committee it never made it to the floor for voting.  Everett ...

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Task force to plot ways of alleviating gas glut in Pennsylvania via pipelines

Gov. Tom Wolf has formed a task force to help gas drillers navigate the challenges they experience building thousands of miles of pipelines to carry shale gas to markets and alleviate a glut that has contributed to depressed prices. The task force, which will be led by Department of Environmental Protection acting Secretary John Quigley, will recommend best practices for ...

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Technology: Talking machines

The shale gas industry uses several machines on a daily basis, and many of those machines are limited to the amount of time they can be used to due to the costs of replacing or fixing them if something goes wrong.  However, there may be an answer to this problem, and we have Jeremy Frank to thank for it. Frank, ...

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