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Doctor loses lawsuit that challenged secrecy of fracking fluid

A federal appellate court has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by an area physician challenging a law that precluded him from releasing information he obtained regarding chemicals contained in hydraulic fracking fluid. Dr. Alfonso Rodriguez of Dallas challenged Act 13 of 2012, which allows medical professionals to learn the ingredients in fracking fluid if the information is used ...

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Texas and oil are having relationship issues


Oil and gas to Texans is like hot dish to Minnesotans, but now there are issues in the relationship between Texas and oil. On November 4 in Denton, Texas the ban over hydraulic fracturing will be in a referendum.  Oil producers are being challenged by a “grass-roots” campaign run by a home care nurse.  The oil producers are pushing the ...

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St. Tammany council looking for earlier court date

Marissa Hall | Shale Plays Media Although the court date for St. Tammany Parish Council’s case against Helis Oil & Gas is set for October 27, the council has requested that the hearing be moved to an earlier date, according to Robert Rhoden for the New Orleans Times-Picayune. The request for a more timely hearing was made Friday (Sept. 12) after ...

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Illinois draft altered some fracking rules

Julie Wernau | Chicago Tribune In combing through the more than 30,000 comments it received this year on proposed rules for a new fracking industry in the state, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources had its hands full. Some people want to ban fracking, which involves injecting fluids and chemicals at high volumes to crack open shale rock and unleash oil ...

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Railroad commission publishes proposed rules on injection wells

Max Baker | Fort Worth Star-Telegram Following a rash of earthquakes in North Texas that some argue is connected to fracking, the Texas Railroad Commission today released proposed rules requiring drillers to provide additional information before sinking injection wells in areas where there has been seismic activity. If the proposed rules are approved by the commission later this year, drillers ...

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Niobrara operator anticipates production values of 90% and higher

Zach Koppang | Shale Plays Media EnerJex Resources, an independent exploration and production company, has announced updates on its drilling and development activities in Colorado and Kansas. In the Niobrara formation EnerJex has recently tested a second confirmation well located on a different subsurface structure about one mile away from the well it had previously reported on. The test results ...

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