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AP FACT CHECK: Claims from the GOP debate

WASHINGTON (AP) — On taxes, trade and drug prices, viewers of the latest Republican debate didn’t get a straight story. And Donald Trump spun fiction about 9/11. A look at some of the claims Thursday night and how they compare with the facts: DONALD TRUMP: Families of the 9/11 hijackers were allowed to leave the U.S. around the time of ...

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GOP presidential candidates go their own way on climate change

Presidential candidates go their own way on climate change

A tale of environmental suspense unfolded throughout 2015: Would nations finally reach a global agreement to fight climate change? Record drought and heat, wildfires, Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment, President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and his photogenic trip to Arctic Alaska — all became plot points in the developing narrative. Then, on cue in the second week of December, ...

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Cruz says he was standing up to Washington before Trump

KINGSTON, N.H. — Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz framed himself Wednesday night as the political heir to Donald Trump should the billionaire businessman fail in his effort to win the party’s nomination, saying Trump’s supporters should come to his campaign. Trump “has helped frame the central issue of this primary as ‘who will stand up to Washington,'” the Texas senator ...

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Trump takes hits in debate; Kasich joins fray

This one didn’t quite go according to plan. And that left even Donald Trump sputtering for a moment during Tuesday night’s debate of Republican presidential candidates in Milwaukee. Defying expectations, it wasn’t retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson having to answer for his seemingly contradictory statements. It wasn’t former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush further sinking his own campaign. It wasn’t attacks on ...

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Analysis: Expect confrontation at tonight’s GOP debate with Kasich part of the fight

BOULDER, Colo. — For the past month, John Kasich has lamented that the last Republican presidential debate was merely a “demolition derby” that pushed him to the grandstands because he refused to take part. Now the Ohio governor seemingly has kicked out the glass of his campaign car and is revving up the engine for tonight’s debate in the Coors ...

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University of Houston hosts Feb. 26 GOP presidential debate

HOUSTON — The University of Houston will host a 2016 Republican presidential debate on Feb. 26, four days before Texas and 11 other states are set to hold Super Tuesday primaries. Texas had previously been selected as a debate site by the Republican National Committee. The University of Houston announced Tuesday it would serve as host. Final details on the ...

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Republican Party goes door-to-door to gauge standing for 2016 election

Odds are high that during October, someone will come door-knocking on a weekend to ask whether you plan to vote in November’s election. It’s part of the national Republican Party’s “month of action” in key battleground states such as Pennsylvania, where the party will test for holes in its new year-round ground game. Leaders want to determine strengths and weaknesses ...

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Editorial: Gov. John Hickenlooper right to push back on Sen. Mitch McConnell’s call to ignore new coal rules

Gov. John Hickenlooper is right to push back on a request from Sen. Mitch McConnell that states defy new federal pollution controls on coal-burning power plants. The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rules have become a target for McConnell and other Republicans now that the GOP controls the U.S. Senate as well as the House. The rules, which aren’t yet final, ...

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