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Jordan plans to buy gas from Gaza

AMMAN — Jordan is expected to sign a deal with British Gas Group Plc. this month to import natural gas from the Gaza Strip, according to Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Mohammad Hamed. Jordan seeks to import 130 to 150 million cubic feet of natural gas per day from the company, which has the rights for developing natural gas ...

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40 MPs reject plan to import Israeli gas

AMMAN — At least 40 members of the Lower House signed on Wednesday a memorandum calling on the government to halt plans to import Israeli gas. The lawmakers, led by MP Khamis Atiyeh, said in the memo that neither the government, nor the state-owned National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) “has the right to sign a deal with Zionists, because that ...

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Rocket Fire on Israeli Gas Platforms Could Escalate Gaza Fighting

Jared Anderson | Breaking Energy  Although scoring a direct hit would be difficult, Hamas fire against Israel’s offshore rigs could prove very significant given the crucial role gas plays in generating the country’s electricity. Earlier today, Hamas claimed to have fired two rockets at an Israeli natural gas installation located about nineteen miles off the coast of Gaza. The Israeli ...

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Gas fields in Gaza find buyers in Jordan

Zachary Toliver | Shale Plays Media The country of Jordan and the Palestinian National Authority have agreed informally on a deal for Jordan to buy natural gas from the fields recently discovered off the coast of Gaza. The Middle East Monitor reports:  In a statement to Anadolu news agency, the chairperson of the energy committee in the Jordanian parliament, Gamal ...

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Gaza’s infrastructure suffers unprecedented damage

Amiram Barkat | The Globes (Tel Aviv, Israel) “The scope of damage to infrastructures in Gaza is unprecedented, and herculean efforts will be necessary to repair them,” said Sara Badiei, who oversees infrastructures in Gaza for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). UN sources yesterday estimated the damage to homes and infrastructure from the ground war and air strikes ...

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