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Why job growth and cheap gas aren’t doing what they should

WASHINGTON — Steady hiring is supposed to fire up economic growth. Cheap gasoline is supposed to power consumer spending. Falling unemployment is supposed to boost wages. Low mortgage rates are supposed to spur home buying. America’s economic might is supposed to benefit its workers. Yet all those common assumptions about how an economy thrives appear to have broken down during ...

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Why refinery strike has had little bite at gas pump

NEW YORK — Gasoline prices can spike for all kinds of reasons that make skeptical drivers roll their eyes: “tension” in the Middle East, a refinery suddenly shuts down for maintenance, or the annual springtime switch to summer blends of gasoline. A refinery strike, however, would seem understandable. Yet three weeks into a walkout at 11 refineries around the country, ...

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What factors contribute to the price of gas?

Although plummeting oil prices can be cited as the main reason for low gasoline prices, the friendly price at the pump can’t be attributed only to low crude prices. And surprisingly, Brent crude prices affect gasoline prices more than West Texas Intermediate (WTI) prices, typically named as the benchmark for oil prices. However, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), ...

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Lower oil prices a threat to Texas economy


These days, Texas consumers are celebrating the lowest gasoline prices in more than five years. But lower oil prices are also a risk factor for the overall Texas economy, which depends heavily on the energy industry. In fact, some experts say Texas is in danger of losing billions in revenues and hundreds of thousands of jobs due to the declining ...

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Average retail gas prices across Texas fall to $2.40


IRVING, Texas— Retail gasoline prices across Texas continue to plummet, settling this week at $2.40 per gallon. AAA Texas on Thursday reported unleaded prices fell from the statewide average of $2.50 recorded a week ago. Retail prices at this time last year stood at $3.10. The national average also continues to fall, with the price this week reported at $2.62. ...

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Average retail gas prices drop to $2.75 in Texas


IRVING, Texas (AP) — Retail gasoline prices across Texas continue to tumble as motorists now are paying a statewide average of $2.75 per gallon. AAA Texas on Thursday reported that this week’s unleaded price represents a drop of 6 cents from the prior week. The national average, meanwhile, fell from $3.01 to $2.95. AAA says of the Texas metro areas, ...

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Brent oil price the main factor in U.S. gasoline prices -EIA

WASHINGTON, Oct 30- U.S. gasoline prices are mainly set by global oil prices, a government report said on Thursday, a conclusion that should ease concerns among some lawmakers that lifting a crude oil export ban would mean pain at the pump for American motorists. In essence the report supported the notion that easing the export restriction, imposed by Congress in ...

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