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Israel gas agreement moves another step nearer

The authority of Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon over the natural gas sector will be given to Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin at the upcoming cabinet meeting, sources inform “Globes.” The transfer of authority is another step on the road to the natural gas plan, which has been treading water for several months. At the same time, another problem involving ...

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Renewable energy and efficiency in the same sector at last

It’s apparent that after the Clean Power Plan was released by the Obama Administration that the energy sector would undergo some fundamental changes. Though this might be too good to be true, renewable energy and efficiency are both contributing to a decrease in fossil fuels. Efficient use means smarter use. Don’t underestimate the impact efficiency can have on energy use. ...

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Marcus Hook looks at gas for rebound

Stretching along either side of Marcus Hook’s busy 10th Street, nearly 800 acres of industrial machinery tower above the placid waters of the Delaware River. Inside the complex, hundreds of construction workers bustle every day, their hammering and drilling echoing throughout the otherwise-quiet town. The sprawling facility in the tiny Delaware County borough of 2,400 wasn’t always this way: Just ...

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Gas deal could signal Southern’s drift from new nuclear projects

Six months ago, three top executives at Georgia’s largest utility companies met over steak dinners at Bones restaurant in Atlanta to explore possibly joining some planned pipeline projects aimed at tapping the Midwest’s booming production of natural gas. But the talk quickly stretched to a more ambitious agenda: Southern Company was interested in buying AGL Resources, the Atlanta natural gas ...

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$2 gas and booming shale, it’s too good to be true


According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) it is possible for Texas to have $2 gasoline whiling continuing crude oil production. In the EIA’s short-term energy outlook report, which projects energy production and prices for 2015, Texas will be paying $2 a gallon for gasoline and crude oil production will continue, but at a slower pace. The average national gas ...

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Oil-gas jobs produce labor shortage in Weld County

weld county

GREELEY, Colo. — There’s all sorts of speculation about Greeley’s latest problem. Maybe it coincided with a massive oil and gas boom. Maybe it has something to do with values or education or training. Whatever it is, there are a lot of “Help Wanted” signs in and around Greeley and hiring managers are worried. “We are in a labor shortage,” ...

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Editorial: Energy security


There is a recurring theme that surfaces most every issue involving America’s oil and gas industry: Energy independence. It alternately can be discussed as energy security or increased domestic energy supply. The bottom line is to be less beholden to an insecure Middle East, where oil and gas supplies are high but so is instability. The approach makes sense. Which ...

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Bill alters reporting of fracking chemicals in Ohio


The way companies report the fracking chemicals they use in Ohio could change under a bill moving through the Statehouse. Environmental activists say the legislation would make it more difficult for firefighters and people who live near fracking sites to get information about what chemicals they could be exposed to during an emergency, such as an explosion or spill. But ...

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Ineos to invest $1B in UK shale gas exploration

LONDON — Chemicals firm Ineos has announced plans to invest 640 million pounds ($1 billion) in shale gas exploration in Britain. The company is applying for more licenses to expand its operations in Scotland and in northern England. Chairman Jim Ratcliffe says he wants the company to become the biggest player in the industry in the country. He said Thursday ...

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