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Crude oil: Are we seeing a short term low?

oil barrel, market quick take, crude oil market

Today’s Market Quick take from Eugene Graner at Heartland Investor Services gives us a quick 4 1/2 minute update on the crude oil markets and short term outlook. Inside this 4 ½ minute video, he shows how oil might bounce from some support before the second shoe drops. Today’s low of $47.70 shows a price decline, despite a projection that EIA data ...

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Eugene Graner: Did oil top in January? [video]

north dakota oil, bakken pumpjacks, oil production

A “winter rally high” in January showed oil at a high around $55 per barrel. Eugene Graner, from Heartland Investor Services, walks us through crude oil prices and what he thinks the market will do next, including a discussion of OPEC and crude oil inventories. Visit Heartland to see this week’s Market Quick Take video. About Heartland Investor Services: Heartland Investor Services ...

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Will North Dakota follow Alaska in budget problems?

Alaska’s economy and state budget are based on oil. Due to a steady influx of oil revenues, the state has opted for no income tax and no sales tax. Not surprisingly, with oil revenues the state’s primary source of income, the recent free-fall in oil prices has not been good to America’s northernmost state, but is this a cautionary tale ...

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