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Energy 2016 – The Year in Review

energy, 2016, year in review

Looking back on 2016, there have been changes, both good and bad, for the energy industry. We’ve toughed out another year of roller-coaster oil and gas prices. We’ve seen prices near $25 per barrel back in May, with a steady, gradual increase in recent weeks. We’ve seen OPEC promise to cut production and President-elect Trump promise to bring back jobs ...

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Never mind the buzzwords

northern lights

Branding for energy companies is more essential today than ever before. Customer engagement, disruption, internet of all things, innovation and advertising. These buzzwords mean nothing for energy if they are not delivered by a well-founded branding activities. A brand is more than a logo in the letterhead. A brand is the way the consumers define a company based on their perception. ...

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GE gives its fuel cells a hard sell

Brian Nearing |  Times Union (Albany, N.Y.) MALTA — General Electric Co. is touting an improved natural gas fuel cell that it hopes one day will provide low-cost electricity to commercial and industrial plants, as well as allow for targeted boosts to electrical grids without the need for costly large power plants and added transmission lines. A new company spun ...

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Horizontal drilling, the real marvel of innovation

Zachary Toliver | Shale Plays Media Many times, the terms hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drillings are used interchangeably. However, even though the pairing of the two have led the shale boom, according to John Kemp of Reuters who quoted Forbes magazine contributor, David Blackmon, horizontal drilling is “the real marvel of engineering and scientific innovation.” To drill an economically sensible ...

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Fracking and horizontal drilling work best in the U.S.

microseismic seismic

By Adam Wilmoth, Energy Editor, The Oklahoman  The technology that has allowed domestic energy companies to produce oil and natural gas from shale and other dense rocks has transformed economies throughout North America, but development likely would be more difficult internationally. Horizontal drilling combined with hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, allowed domestic producers to quickly reverse a decades-long trend of declining ...

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Changes to community solar bill draw criticism

solar panel

HARTFORD — Efforts to bring renewable energy to a broader group of Connecticut residents have been dealt a setback by the General Assembly’s Energy and Technology committee. But the so-called community solar bill isn’t completely dead. The legislation, House Bill 5412, was folded into Senate Bill 353, which the Energy and Technology panel moved out of committee last week. The ...

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Company will pipe treated wastewater for oil and gas production


By Corey Paul, Odessa American RDX Technologies Corporation officials plan to pipe treated wastewater from a facility in Odessa to oil leases, pursuing a water delivery method for oil and gas operations that the company’s CEO Dennis Danzik described as a first-of-its kind approach. Danzik, in a Monday conference call, would not say where the water treatment and energy technology ...

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Witness says Bixby Energy technology never worked

A fresh influx of about $1 million from Chinese clients helped Bixby Energy Systems stay afloat in 2010. But the money couldn’t hide the fact that Bixby’s touted coal-to-natural gas conversion technology still wasn’t working. Three weeks after Bixby contractors in North Carolina reported that the conversion machine had collapsed, Robert Walker, the company’s founder, approved a news release saying ...

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