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Saudi Arabia says ready to work with others to stabilize oil market

KHOBAR, Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia’s cabinet said on Monday it was ready to cooperate with OPEC and non-OPEC countries to achieve market stability, repeating what Oil Minister Ali Naimi said in a speech last week. “The council (of ministers) … stressed the kingdom’s role in (achieving) the stability of the oil market and its continuous readiness and efforts to ...

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Economist: With low gas prices, presidential candidates aren’t talking about energy policy

Low gasoline prices mean that energy policy has taken a back seat to other issues on the 2016 presidential campaign trail, said economist Bernard Weinstein. Gasoline prices have tumbled to below $2 per gallon in the Dallas area, where Weinstein lives, and now average $2.42 per gallon in Billings, according to gasbuddy.com. A steep decline in oil prices that started ...

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Energy experts, Colorado Senators weigh downside of Iran deal


DENVER — The Iran nuclear deal weighed heavy on oil industry minds Wednesday as they discussed global and domestic energy policy at the Colorado Convention Center. The 100-page agreement, which would lift sanctions against the country, allowing it back into the world energy market and supposedly limit its nuclear powers, has drawn the ire of many policymakers and many in ...

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Editorial: Pipeline has anti-NIMBY effect

A new study released last week finds politics on the Keystone XL pipeline are much different near the pipeline route. Suddenly, the liberals become in favor of the pipeline. It’s like the opposite of the NIMBY effect. (NIMBY means: not in my backyard.) The fact is, everyone knows this Keystone pipeline is needed, but the left is against it for ...

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Venezuela to announce change in fuel policy ‘soon’

CARACAS, Feb 13 – Venezuela will announce a change of policy soon on gasoline, the finance minister said in an interview broadcast on Friday, signaling the OPEC nation is moving ahead with along-awaited hike in the world’s cheapest fuel. Gasoline is so heavily subsidized in Venezuela that one U.S. cent buys about 5 gallons, costing the government as much as ...

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U.S. oil output “party” to last to 2020 – IEA

LONDON – The United States will remain the world’s top source of oil supply growth up to 2020, even after the recent collapse in prices, the International Energy Agency said, defying expectations of a more dramatic slowdown in shale growth. The agency also said in its Medium Term Oil Market report that oil prices, which slid from $115 a barrel ...

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Bills return to Colorado Legislature aiming to improve

Bills in the Colorado Legislature, or the ideas behind them, come back year after year as legislators work to improve them. A successful bill may need follow-up work and failed bills need changes to bring new yes votes to its cause. Although often unobtainable in legislation, “you want to strive for (perfection),” Rep. Dave Young, D-Greeley, said Thursday. Getting a ...

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Program helps Coloradoans become ‘Energy Masters’

As energy specialist for Colorado State University Extension, Cary Weiner is well-versed in the significance of energy in Colorado; the issue of energy is one that permeates through nearly every aspect of American lives. “Energy affects all of us, whether we are aware of it or not,” Weiner said. “Obviously, there are national security implications around energy, environmental implications around ...

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