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GOP Congress to confront Obama early on energy, health care

The new Republican-led Congress convenes Tuesday with GOP leaders eager to get President Barack Obama’s signature on some bills and to confront him with others. Top items on their agenda include: —Energy: The Senate’s first bill would approve construction of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, designed to pump oil from Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast. Republicans and some Democrats ...

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EDITORIAL: A carbon tax? Cap it

Democrats need to heed the commonsense argument against their long-held dream of a carbon tax — and for American prosperity — that Heritage Foundation chief economist Stephen Moore laid out in a recent Senate hearing. Writing in The Washington Times, Mr. Moore recounts what he told the Committee on Environment and Public Works. In response to a question from Sen. ...

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Will oil patch demands level off in 2018?


In light of Gov. Jack Dalrymple’s recent reasonable budgetary estimates for the state, North Dakota officials are now initiating a dialogue about whether or not oil patch needs will level off by 2018. Democrats and Republicans alike agree on the needs of the western part of the state requiring its targeted $3.74 billion targeted funding. But while the Governor believes that ...

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Keystone is dragging down the Democrats: Kemp

LONDON, Nov 19 – “Keystone” would be a fitting epitaph for Democratic lawmakers, who will lose their majority in the United States Senate in January 2015. By voting against the Keystone bill on Tuesday, Senate Democrats have effectively ended the re-election hopes of Mary Landrieu, a member of their own caucus from the strongly pro-oil and pro-pipeline state of Louisiana ...

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Local GOP takes satisfaction in small gain


They used to say that the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees rivalry really wasn’t one. Can there be a rivalry between the hammer and the nail? Local Republicans know the feeling, the one where that mallet (local Democrats) keeps smashing that spike (local Republicans). The GOP here last had real power before 1932, 82 years, too many ...

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State, federal elections mean different things for energy industry

On paper, the balance of power in Washington and Harrisburg look quite similar. Republicans control both chambers of the legislature in both capitals, while Democrats control the executive branch. In reality, the situations couldn’t be more different. Pennsylvania Gov.-elect Tom Wolf will enter office in January on the heels of a 10-point election win over incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett, meaning ...

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225 new jobs reported in La. biofuel industry

The clean energy industry in Louisiana saw growth in the third quarter, and that growth brought additional jobs. The financial period saw the addition of 225 new jobs in the green energy sector, according to a recent Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) report. All of these jobs came from recent biofuel refinery projects that have been cropping up in the state. The ...

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