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Sen. King wants vigilance about cyber threats to energy grid

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Maine Sen. Angus King is calling for the Senate to protect the country’s critical energy infrastructure from the possibility of cyber attacks. King, an Independent, has introduced the Securing Energy Infrastructure Act of 2016, which he says would protect the electrical grid from these kinds of attacks. The legislation would explore methods of replacing computer-based technologies ...

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Energy news roundup: Bakken oil flammability, companies vulnerable to internal threats and new LNG export approvals

Jared Anderson | Breaking Energy Members of the House Space, Science and Technology Committee discussed Bakken crude oil properties during a subcommittee hearing held as part of the effort to craft new rail tank car regulations. “None of these other oils are shipping in volumes that this Bakken shale oil is being shipped,” he [Timothy Butters, deputy administrator for the ...

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U.S. energy industry too complacent about cyber risks, say experts

By Jim Finkle and Alina Selyukh | Reuters After warning for years that the U.S. electric grid and other critical infrastructure are dangerously vulnerable to hacking, security experts fear it may take a major destructive attack to jolt CEOs out of their complacency. While awareness about cybersecurity has increased in recent years, infrastructure consultants say the industry remains reluctant to ...

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Cyber attacks hit oil, gas, just as much as retail


By: David Persons Recent cyber attacks on retail giants such as Target and Neiman-Marcus have been well documented. The public is quite aware that a new generation of malware is causing havoc with U.S. businesses as hackers seek to steal private financial information. What the public might not be aware of is just how costly and widespread the attacks are. Cyber ...

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