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API and COGA join in Colorado oil and gas moratorium lawsuit

oil and gas moratorium, Boulder County

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman is being joined by the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) and the American Petroleum Institute (API) in a lawsuit that hopes to put an end to the moratorium on oil and gas development in Boulder County, Colorado. John Flynn from the Times-Call reported that Boulder District Judge Norma Sierra granted the two industry trade ...

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Top local Colorado news stories of 2015: Longmont’s fracking ban makes it to state Supreme Court

Sound walls are constructed around an oil and gas wellpad in an effort to reduce noise pollution, especially near occupied areas. (Image courtesy of Encana Corp.)

In December 2012, the Colorado Oil and Gas Association sued Longmont over its voter-instituted ban on hydraulic fracturing. And in December 2015, both parties argued their case in front of the state’s highest court. The oil industry says hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is safe and allows for less invasive drilling techniques. Opponents of fracking say the chemicals used in fracking ...

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Colorado: When communities speak, oil and gas industry listens

Communities co-existing with oil and gas development? Yes, it’s possible, and Colorado seems to be ahead of the pack. The tactic: giving communities a voice and getting the oil and gas industry to hear. From Gov. Hickenlooper’s statewide oil and gas task force which brought civic leaders, oil/gas industry and environmentalists together to local non-profits teaching the oil and gas ...

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Editorial: COGA should take long view

The Colorado Oil & Gas Association may be right on the legalities as it tries to force Broomfield to surrender or spend taxpayer money to defend a five-year fracking moratorium approved by voters in 2013, but it’s wrong on the public relations. For one thing, COGA doesn’t need another fracking case winding its way slowly through the state legal system. ...

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Former journalist appointed COGA CEO


Colorado Oil and Gas Association recently appointed a new CEO, the Denver Business Journal reports. Dan Haley, former Denver Post editorial page editor, will fill the position starting June 1. “I am really excited by this new position and working for an industry that’s really dynamic and is such an important part of our state and our future,” Haley told ...

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Judge denies Broomfield motion to dismiss COGA fracking complaint

A judge has denied Broomfield’s motion to dismiss a Colorado Oil & Gas Association lawsuit that seeks to invalidate the local fracking moratorium. COGA on Nov. 24 filed a complaint for declaratory judgment to invalidate the temporary ban on hydraulic fracturing. Measure 300, which passed by 20 votes in November 2013, imposed a five-year halt to fracking in Broomfield. Broomfield ...

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Colorado increases fines for oil, gas drilling violations

DENVER — Colorado regulators have put in place new rules increasing the fines that oil and gas companies could face for violating state rules. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission on Monday raised the maximum fine to $15,000 for each violation, up from $1,000 previously. The commission also eliminated an overall cap of $10,000 in fines for each violation. ...

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Aurora residents frustrated, but not for reasons you may think

It’s official. Changes in Aurora are coming. After a city council meeting on Monday, members voted unanimously to allow oil and gas companies to build 31.5-foot vapor towers and to defer to Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for regulations concerning setbacks, noise and spill containment. Under the revised regulations, oil and gas companies will no longer be required to ...

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Boulder County to side with Longmont in case over fracking ban

A fracking rig sits in an farmers field in Colorado

Boulder County commissioners have authorized the county attorney’s office to side with Longmont in its legal battle over the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s challenge of the city’s voter-approved fracking ban. Commissioners Cindy Domenico, Deb Gardner and Elise Jones voted on Thursday to have the county attorney’s staff file a friend-of-the-court brief supporting Longmont’s appeal of a Boulder District Court ...

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