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Times are tough — 5 reasons why you shouldn’t let up on safety during a downturn

To get great or even good safety performance results requires a commitment to resources.  Each safety-compliant worker is a company investment — time and money are poured into each employee to develop skills, a belief and the desire to approach safety as an integral part of their job.  What happens though, when the resource pipeline is empty?  What happens when ...

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The safety profession from the inside

Part teacher, part enforcer, part shepherd tending the flock — the safety professional in your life plays many roles and shoulders massive responsibilities. Who is that person and why did they enter the Health & Safety field?  Let’s take a closer at the person under the yellow hard hat.  The Calling to be a Safety Professional? Why does someone dedicate ...

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The perfect accident storm

transporting truck

There are many safety threats and challenges that face those working on oil and gas in the Williston area of the Bakken. None are greater than roadway safety, namely the operation of trucks and the increased traffic that they bring. Sharing the road with an 80,000 pound semi-truck is daunting on any stretch of road but a number of compounding ...

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