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Bakken temporary housing co. grows 55,000% over 3 years


Lydia Gilbertson | Shale Plays Media Google+ The Bismarck Tribunes’ Jessica Holdman reported today that Reliant Asset Management, a temporary housing management company in western North Dakota, ranked third on a list of the fastest growing private businesses by Inc. Magazine. Reliant has grown 55,000 percent in three years to over $85 million. Based in Arlington Va, the company operates eight ...

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Tribal rep steers oil money to low-income housing.


Mike Kopp | Shale Plays Media Multiple families squeezed into one home are getting relief in New Town, North Dakota.  The North Segment region of the Forth Berthold Indian Reservation, including New Town, is a flurry of oil activity from the Bakken oil play. That’s how the North Segment Community development Corporation decided to build a second set of apartments in ...

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Gaza’s infrastructure suffers unprecedented damage

Getty Images via Newscred

Amiram Barkat | The Globes (Tel Aviv, Israel) “The scope of damage to infrastructures in Gaza is unprecedented, and herculean efforts will be necessary to repair them,” said Sara Badiei, who oversees infrastructures in Gaza for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). UN sources yesterday estimated the damage to homes and infrastructure from the ground war and air strikes ...

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NY plans $65 million Watford City development

watford city

Lydia Gilbertson | Shale Plays Media Watford City has seen enormous growth from the recent North Dakota oil boom. The formerly tiny North Dakota town has more than doubled in population. A New York-based company, Coltown Properties, has announced that they will be developing the city with projects worth an estimated $65 million. Coltown is planning to build two new ...

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The indefinite ‘Now Hiring': understaffed Bakken restaurants serve record numbers


Zachary Toliver | Shale Plays Media It’s apparent that production of Bakken crude over the past several years has fashioned various changes on nearly every sector of the North Dakota economy. The oil boom certainly helped build an economic foundation for new jobs in the oil and gas sector but has also created a refurbished frontier for business establishments. New ...

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New housing option in western North Dakota?


Lydia Gilbertson | Shale Plays Media Google+ Michael Hricik of the Fargo Forum reported today that another extended-stay complex may be in the works for western North Dakota. The building would be located in Fryburg, ND and be built at the former Fryburg elementary school site. Recently, the western area of the state has experienced a housing crisis due to ...

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Housing help is on the way

housing graph

Rob Port | Shale Plays Media Contributor North Dakota is seeing a building season for housing that is perhaps unlike any the state has ever seen, and it couldn’t be coming at a better time. A housing shortage in North Dakota, particularly in the oil fields in the western part of the state, has pushed rents in some parts of ...

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Firms from overseas looking to cash in on Bakken area retail

Postcard issued (approximately) 1930-1945 "Greetings from Williston, North Dakota." From the Boston Public Library via flickr

Zachary Toliver | Shale Plays Media Foreign companies are looking towards the Bakken area to cash in on the growing population, although that population is not guaranteed to stick around forever. International Business Times reported that firms from overseas plan to spend over $800 million on new commercial and residential infrastructure in various small towns in Western North Dakota. The ...

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Target Logistics releases “Sleep & Exercise: The key to a productive workforce” Infographic

sleep and excersise

Press Release “Companies that invest in an optimal sleep environment for their workers realize benefits that include greater productivity, increased safety and fewer sick days,” said Target Logistics President and Chief Operating Officer Brad Archer. “Our commitment to providing optimal sleep environments is evidenced by our trademarked Hibernator Sleep System™. This system includes a bed with a solid wood base, ...

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