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Electric vehicles beat gasoline cars in cradle-to-grave emissions study

A cradle-to-grave analysis finds driving an electric car in California creates less greenhouse gas emissions than even the most efficient gasoline vehicle. A car running on electricity — even when powerplant emissions are considered — produces pollution equivalent to a theoretical conventional car with fuel economy of 87 miles per gallon, according to the study, released Thursday by the Union ...

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Shale vs. conventional: Which produces more greenhouse gases?

Oil and gas extracted from tight shale formations such as the Bakken produces greenhouse gas emissions similar to conventional oil fields, according to two studies released by the United States Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory. As reported by The Bakken Magazine, early estimates predicted that shale production might generate up to 20 percent more greenhouse gas emissions than oil ...

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Excerpts from recent North Dakota editorials

State responsible for waste, safety The Bismarck Tribune, Bismarck, Aug. 19, 2015 The state took another step last week to take responsibility for its radioactive waste — or least part of it. It’s commendable the state wants to handle the waste and not ship it to other states, but with the decision comes oversight to protect the public. The State ...

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Blogger: Texas should recycle oilfield water — their water supply needs it


Extracting materials we use for fuel can take a mighty toll on Texan water supplies, but Gabriel Collins, blogger for North American Shale Blog, sees a solution in recycling oilfield water. Large projects in Eagle Ford, he writes, can use up to 11.5 million gallons of water—about 10 barrels of water per barrel of oil produced. “Treatment technologies have advanced ...

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Public to discuss ND’s radioactive waste problem

Beginning January 2015 there will be several public information sessions and hearings regarding the possible changes to industrial and oilfield waste landfill regulations proposed by the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH). After the completion of a study performed by the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), which examined acceptable levels of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM), the NDDoH proposed ...

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Water is the biggest output of U.S. oil and gas wells: Kemp

oil well

LONDON, Nov 18 – The biggest product of the U.S. petroleum industry is not oil, gas or condensate but water — billions and billions of gallons containing dissolved salts, grease and even naturally occurring radioactive materials. In 2007, when the shale revolution was still in its infant stages, the U.S. oil and gas industry was already producing more than 20 ...

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