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The remarkable growth of Texas natural gas fueling stations

On Wednesday the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) reported that natural gas fueling stations are growing at an unprecedented rate. According to the statement, fueling stations have increased 25 percent since Sept. 2014. The Lone Star State now has 130 operating natural gas fueling stations. The Commission’s survey documented 42 additional stations in the planning stages, indicating a steady build-out ...

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Alternative fuel station proposed in Lower Mount Bethel

A new alternative fuel station could be coming to the Lehigh Valley. Great River Energy, LLC — the environmental arm of Iowa-based trucking company W.W. Transport — plans to build a compressed-natural gas station in rural Lower Mount Bethel Township. If approved, a $1.8 million compressed-natural gas station at 5137 Lower Mud Run Road will refuel both trucks from a ...

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Oil price slump taking a toll on US alternative fuels

Jan 8 – With gas pump prices lingering near their lowest levels in five years, greener, cleaner alternative fuels are taking a hit. Makers of biodiesel, a fuel made from vegetable oil or animal fats, are slashing prices and margins in a bid to stay competitive with the price of diesel fuel, which is down more than 20 percent from ...

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Interest in alternative fuel drops with gas prices

wind turbine

Kyle Lowell is having second thoughts about selling a mostly ethanol-based gasoline. More consumers at Lowell’s Service Center in Collinsville have dropped E85, fuel with 85 percent ethanol blend, because the price of regular unleaded fuel has been plunging. “Nobody is buying it anymore,” Lowell said. When Lowell’s father Greg introduced E85 at his Collinsville gas station in 2006, only ...

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Big role seen for natural gas

By Jessica Holdman, The Bismark Tribune With a new liquefied natural gas plant in the works in Tioga, North Dakota LNG Chief Executive Officer Pat Hughes predicts 50 percent of North Dakota oil drilling rigs will run on natural gas in the next 12 months. Hughes is hopeful that 100 percent will use natural gas to supplement diesel fuel by the ...

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Natural gas to power vehicles home

natural gas station

By Zach Koppang | Shale Plays Media On Tuesday, April 29, The North Dakota Clean Cities Coalition, in partnership with the American Lung Association, offered a free workshop highlighting the benefits and feasibility of using compressed and liquid natural gas as a fuel source and a cleaner burning alternative to petroleum. Robert Moffitt, Communications Director for the North Dakota Clean ...

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